Donetsk, Dec 5 - DAN. One hundred and five secondary education School No 4 - Cadet Corps pupils took a loyalty oath at the first ever cadet initiation ceremony in DPR capital Donetsk.

DPR Нead Alexander Zakharchenko was a guest of honour at the ceremony which was also attended by the Republic’s Education and Science Minister Larisa Polyakova and Donetsk Higher Combined Arms Command School Major-General Mikhail Tikhonov.

“This is the school I went to, I never thought I would take part in such a function here. I wish to offer my congratulations to all teachers and cadets. It is a landmark event, and you, cadets, are taking an important step in your life. You’ll be true patriots of your Motherland,” Zakharchenko said. “I congratulate all the parents; your children have opened a new chapter in life today.”

The students received cadets’ certificates after taking an oath of allegiance to the Motherland, comradeship and diligence in studies. The DPR leader then handed a banner to them.

Mikhail Tikhonov noted in his speech that the students, after finishing school would be able to consider further studies, including training at Donetsk Higher Combined Arms Command School as well as jobs at DPR law-enforcement bodies.

The Republic’s School No 4 - Cadet Corps, a secondary education institution, was set up at the order of DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko in summer 2017. *jk