Donetsk, Jul 12 – DAN. DPR tour operators say the number of tourists wishing to spend their vacation in Crimea has grown by a third, one of Donetsk large tour operators told DAN.

"The number of tourists wishing to spend their vacation in Crimea has grown by a third compared to the previous year. The major part of our clients are young couples, we receive 15-20 requests daily. Most people are interested in Yalta and Alushta. All places are booked until July 14, as it is the high season," the interlocutor said.

The number of tourists travelling to Crimea proves the operator's information as up to eight tour buses are departing daily to Crimea from Donetsk bus stations, each of them carrying about 40 people.

"The Crimea destination remained as popular as it used to be. You should better book tickets one or week and a half prior to the trip," Khartsizsk resident Valeria Turko told DAN.

Travellers say they prefer to stay in towns on Crimean south coast: Yalta, Alushta, Koktebel, Simei because of the beautiful nature and a lot of entertainments available there. Fimilies who prefer quite holidays choose the west coast without discos, large towns and where prices for accommodation and food are lower.

"There are various options worth the same, but in general a vacation would cost 15-20 thousand rubles," said Anatoliy, a student who has already visited Crimea this year.

More than half of tourists questioned by DAN said they were going to spend vacations outside the Republic, at Crimean or Russia's Krasnodar Krai resorts. The most popular internal destination is Sedovo on the Azov sea coast in DPR. Over 100,000 people visit it last year with comfortable family accommodations available there at 10,000 rubles per week or even lower. *ot