Donetsk, Jul 18 – DAN. Ukrainian forces damaged 16 bridges and overpasses in the DPR during military action, said the Ministry of Transport.

"Over the course of the military action in Donbass 16 bridges and overpasses have been damaged."

Repairs began in 2016, so far two bridges and an overpass Donetsk – Sedovo and Amvrosiyevka – Kamyshevakha were repaired. An overhaul was completed at two objects on the Yenakiyevo – Amvrosiyevka highway; repairs are underway at Znamenka – Izvarino road.

"Works are ongoing in 2018. After the repairs are completed, a technical passport is issued for every object."

Earlier, the Donetsk Railroad restored two rail overpasses in Kirovskoye, badly damaged in 2014. *ot