Donetsk, Jul 20 — DAN. The situation at the Veselo-Voznesenka crossing point in the Donetsk People’s Republic is stable; all the queues are gone and medical staff and Emergency Ministry rescuers are on round-the-clock duty on the route to Crimea, Novoazovsk district administration head Vasily Ovcharov said.

 “As the traffic flow has increased dramatically, driving risks have mounted as well, so we need to have medics on duty there, ” Ovcharov told the Donetsk News Agency adding that a team of rescuers in the area was also on standby to promptly respond to car accidents and provide first aid.

Two bypass roads for trucks have been built, so only passenger cars pass through the crossing point; there are no congestions at present, he added. 

The local official said that the maximum number of vehicles in the neutral area was 15, and that there were no queues on the highway or checkpoint premises.

The Donetsk News Agency earlier reported that the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry would set up help centers on the way to Crimea and enlist the assistance of volunteers.*jk