Donetsk, May 23 — DAN. Ukrainian armed formations fired more than 100 rounds on the DPR on Monday, injuring civilians and causing damage to housing. Here are the key events so far on Monday, May 23


Kiev forces continued shelling of DPR territories, subjecting Yasinovataya to MLRS Grad fire. Several districts of Donetsk, Golmovskiy, Ozeryanovka, Shkhta Gagarina were targeted as well.

Two civilians were injured in Donetsk. A number of buildings in Donetsk and Gorlovka sustained damage.

Other news

A delegation from Russia arrived to Makeyevka to draft a plan of assistance to the town, it also delivered humanitarian aid, including medications.

State registry offices opened in Mangush and Volodarskiy. They provide consultation and public services, such as registering births and deaths.

A number of sport instructors resumed work in a number of liberated towns, after having been certified with DPR authorities.

A patriotic mural has been installed on a wall of the School No.47 at the Universitetskaya street. An elderly lady carrying the Soviet Flag is depicted on the concrete canvas, accompanied by a young woman in the Soviet military uniform against the silhouette of the Motherland Calls monument. *ot