Donetsk, Nov 17 — DAN. Housing construction in the liberated Mariupol was launched in early summer with plans to put up apartment buildings of various heights.

Rapidly erectable houses are intended for residents who lost their homes as a result of hostilities. At present, at least eight residential neighborhoods are being built, according to Donetsk News Agency data from open sources. Housing construction is ongoing in all four city districts.

Oktyabrsky district

The Nevsky neighborhood which is being built by the Military Construction Company of the Russian Defense Ministry will comprise 12 five-storey buildings with 1,011 apartments.  Children’s and sport grounds are already available in the yards. A school and a kindergarten are expected to be built. Residents began to move in on September 9.

The Russian company is also building in the same district three multi-storey houses in Uritsky Street and four three-storey houses with 120 apartments in Artyom Street.

Primorsky district

The first keys to apartments in newly-built houses of the Primosky district in the south of the city were handed in on November 4. Project operator is the “Integrated Customer” state-run non-profit company of the Russian Construction Ministry. The area will comprise two five-storey and eight nine-storey houses with 833 apartments. The construction of a five-storey and seven nine-storey houses with 680 apartments began in Lenin Avenue. Builders are also working at the intersection of Chernomorskaya Street and Stroiteley Avenue where the construction of the first of the four nine-storey buildings is due to be completed by December.

Ordzhonikidze district

The district is located in the east of the city. The construction of a ten-storey building is being completed there.  DPR deputy premier Yevgeny Solntsev said that it would be the first house of the neighborhood of 50 buildings with 7,690 apartments.

Ilyichevsky district

The construction of nine-storey two-entrance apartment houses in Pokryshkin Street in northern Mariupol began in September. Three houses will be commissioned there by the end of the winter. Exterior works on one house have already been completed. Builders put up nine shell-and-core storeys in a record five weeks.

In early October, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin said that 100,000 square meters of housing would be built in Mariupol by yearend and that city residents will move in at least 1,000 apartments. The construction of another 500,000 square meters of housing is due to begin later this year.*jk