Mariupol, Apr 25 — DAN. Mariupol authorities have launched restorative works on the Monument to Steelmaker at an entrance to the city.

A team of construction workers is currently tiling the base of the monument. Scaffolding around the figure has already been put up.

A new asphalt road with kerbs is being built to the monument. The site is fenced off with emergency road cones for the safety of both the builders and drivers.

The Steelmaker Monument is one of Mariupol’s key symbols. It was installed in 1969 in honor of hero of the Soviet Union, Ilyich Plant employee Makar Mazay, a Komsomol member and Stakhanovite.  In 1936, he set a world record for the removal of steel — 15.05 tons in 6 hours 30 minutes. Later on, Mazay’s experience and techniques were widely used across the Soviet Union.*jk