Donetsk, Jun 16 - DAN. The launch and implementation of the humanitarian program for the reunification of Donbass people has become a material step in uniting the region and providing care for its residents, said deputy chair of the DPR People's Council  Olga Makeyeva.

"Our people living in Kiev-controlled territory see that we remember about them and that we are waiting to be united. By tightening economic, social and cultural ties with them we bring Donbass reunification closer to reality."

Makeyeva said she believes that the program is a consistent manifestation of the Republic's aspiration for peace; and its implementation amid the war is a tangible token of difference between Ukraine and Donbass.

"Unlike Ukraine, we do not make empty promises, but we take action to bring peace and prosperity to our people. This is the key difference between us and Ukraine: here people form the state; while in Ukraine people are only a means of profiteering for oligarchs."

On February 17 DPR and LPR Heads approved the humanitarian aid program aimed to assist people living in Kiev-controlled territories. The main objective is to provide financial aid and educational assistance to vulnerable social groups. On February 21 the program was officially presented to people, hotlines and websites associated with the program were launched.*ot