Donetsk, Mar 30 – DAN. The Ministry of Education and Science of the DPR instructed to ensure the transition in the liberated regions to the Russian language of instruction, said the vice-rector for scientific and methodological research of the Donetsk Republican Institute of Additional Pedagogical Education Victoria Zaritskaya.

“Order No. 204 of the Ministry has been issued, which regulates the organization of educational activities in the liberated territories. The most important points of this order are the transition to the state language of instruction, that is, to Russian, and to a five-point system. The process of integrating educational organizations of the liberated territories into the education system of the Republic is underway,” Zaritskaya said, presenting her report to journalists.

Special attention will be paid to post-graduate and re-training programs aimed primarily at providing methodological assistance to teachers of the Ukrainian language and literature, who are to master the methodology of teaching the Russian language and literature, as well as history teachers.

“We compare the curricula that were used in the liberated territories with those programs that schoolchildren of the Republic have been studying since 2015, we identify possible gaps in the knowledge of children from the liberated territories in order to fill in the gaps this year,” Zaritskaya added.

Designated assistance is also provided for schoolchildren from grades 1 to 11. A cycle of courses has been developed to compensate for their lack of knowledge in some subjects. The transitional academic period is announced from March 23 to the end of the current academic year. *ot