Donetsk, Nov 25 – DAN. A residential house in Zaitsevo township north of Gorlovka was destroyed by Kiev shelling, Gorlovka administration acting head said.

"At night, a 120mm mortar round hit a house on Rybalko str. 268, the building was destroyed. No casualties reported," Ivan Prikhodko said adding that the shelling is still ongoing.

The head of Donetsk city Kirovskiy district Yuriy Budrin told DAN that shelling damaged two houses and power transmission lines in Staromikhailovka township in western outskirts of Donetsk.

"500 houses are without power," he said.

Earlier the head of Donetsk city Petrovskiy district Maxim Zhukovskiy said shelling set a house on fire in Aleksandrovka township.