Donetsk, Nov 15 – DAN. The plan for Donbass "safe reintegration" in Ukraine developed by the country's security and defense council is a Nazi-style one, said the chairwoman of Donetsk women's organization "Budyenovskiy District Women's Union" Olga Zhukova.

Earlier some media leaked a letter by the security council secretary Alexey Danilov to head of the presidential administration, state security head and prime minister suggesting to open administrative and criminal cases against Donbass residents who are not "pro-Ukrainian" and to relocate them either to Russia or to central and western Ukraine for a "rehabilitation".

"Ukrainian plans for a "safe reintegration" are beyond shocking. Extremely cynical. If Zelensky is truly ready for such measures as proposed by the document Hitler would be rolling over in his grave thrilled for his successor."

Zhukova said the authors of the plan "must have been inspired by the Nazi who established concentration camps during the WWII".

"Judging by the leaked documents Zelensky has nothing to think with. He is neither clever no powerful enough to control his fascists."*ot