Donetsk, Jun 12 - DAN. Kiev forces shelled Donetsk and Gorlovka outskirts this night leaving 12 households damaged or destroyed, local authorities told DAN.

"This night Ukrainian armed forces shelled Aleksandrovka township, eight houses were damaged on Shevchenko street 14, 10, 21, 23; Chelyuskintsev street 12a; Lenina street 13, 18, 23," said deputy head of Petrovskiy district of Donetsk administration Sergey Chub.
He said, roofs, windows and doors sustained major damage.

"It was a hard night for Zaitsevo village; Three houses and a household building were destroyed by direct hits on Maresyeva street, Muravyeva street and Budennogo street," said acting head of Gorlovka administration Ivan Prihodko.

No casualties have been reported.

Earlier DPR Operations Command said that Kiev forces violated the ceasefire 60 times over the last 24 hours. Overall, 19 townships came under fire. *ot