Donetsk, May 5 – DAN. Ukrainian servicemen buried 20 bodies in an unmarked grave at Krasnogorovka cemetery; some of the bodies are those of soldiers who are officially listed as missing, said DPR Operations Command deputy commander Eduard Basurin.

"Krasnogorovka residents say Ukrainian soldiers brought machinery to dug a ditch, and as the night fell they buried 20 bodies there."

The dead were listed as missing soldiers of 72nd separate mechanized brigade of Ukrainian armed forces.

"The burial was ordered by the brigade's commander colonel Sokolov. Our intelligence learnt some of the names of the buried: Dudchenko, Yurchenko, Rebristyi, Klimenko, Gavrilyak, Shkurko. I ask you to spread the word and to inform the relatives," Basurin said.

DPR intelligence has already reported that Ukrainian military authorities try to conceal the real extent of the losses. In 2015 they even deployed mobile crematories to Donbass. *ot