Donetsk, Dec 7 – DAN. Ukrainian authorities might use the declared martial law to expropriate lands of Donbass residents and pass them over to the ATO and JFO veterans, said the head of the Dontesk Republic parliamentary group Valeriy Skorokhodov.

Ukrainian media announced earlier that the head of Donetsk region civil and military administration Alexander Kuts has ordered to prepare inventory of lands in Kiev-controlled Donbass so that in the future they will be given to the ATO and JFO veterans.

"The number of people dissatisfied with Poroshenko's policy is growing. He should keep those who can turn their arms against him as far away from Kiev as possible. That is why if someone likes a land tenure, the owner might be asked to give away his land "willingly". In case someone refuses, they can use the martial law provision and confiscate property for army needs," Skorokhodov said.

He said the martial law declared after the Kerch Strait provocation was "cynical and absurd".

"The situation is cynical and absurd as Western mouthpieces are saying that Ukraine has built a true democracy. While one of the basis democratic values, inviolability of private property, is being bluntly violated right under their noses."

Ukraine declared martial law on November 26 in ten Ukrainian regions adjacent to Russia and Transnistria, or Kiev-controlled Donbass regions, or the Black Sea and Sea of Azov.

Martial law is brought in all over the state or in designated areas in accordance with the bill "On the Legal Regime of Martial Law". Martial law provides military authorities and leadership with greater and unlimited power, while restricting civil liberties such as public gatherings, media freedoms and free movement.

Ukraine’s President Petr Poroshenko proposed that parliament declare martial law in the country following the provocation in the Black Sea staged by Kiev. On November 25, two Ukrainian armored artillery vessels and a tugboat illegally entered Russian territorial waters and began maneuvering dangerously and ignoring instructions with the aim of stirring up tensions in a staged attempt to break-through into the Azov Sea through the Kerch Strait. Russian military was forced to attack and seize three navy ships to re-establish security in the area.*ot