Donetsk, Sep 7 - DAN. Mariupol teachers began to develop distance lessons for DPR schoolchildren based on linguistic nationalism, DPR Education and Science Ministry press service said on Thursday.

“Ukrainian mass media are disseminating information on the development of distance online courses of Ukrainian language and literature, history and geography for DPR high schoolers,” the press service said. “The courses designers are Mariupol teachers.”

They are actually aimed at promoting the Ukrainian nationalistic outlook rather than raising the education level of the Republic’s children, DPR education authorities said.

“DPR Education and Science Ministry urges all the schoolchildren, parents and teachers of the Republic to make correct assessment of such “initiatives” because this move is nothing but a veiled manifestation of nationalistic policy, its linguistic aspect in this particular case. Stay vigilant and do not let propaganda substitute the education provided to your children,” the Ministry said.

It added that Ukraine’s education reform aimed at ousting the Russian language from the curriculum is another example of all-out ukrainisation in Kiev-controlled territory. The reform envisions Russian language teaching only at the junior and middle school; universities will provide training in Ukrainian.

“Unlike Ukraine, the Donetsk People’s Republic has two state languages; Ukrainian language teaching will continue,” the DPR Ministry said.

Ukraine’s Verkhovnaya Rada (parliament) has registered a lawbill on the state language which envisions the use of Ukrainian practically in all areas of life. The new legislation proposes to make the Ukrainian language obligatory for government and self-rule bodies as well for educational institutions.*jk