Donetsk, June 2 – DAN. Ukrainian force have been shelling Aleksandrovka village of Petrovskiy district west of Donetsk for more than three hours this morning, local administration head Konstantin Chalyi told DAN.

"Today at 7 a.m. shelling of Aleksandrovka outskirts and the grey zone with anti-tank recoilless guns began, it has just finished, but we cannot set off to explore damage we have no security guarantees."

Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire 34 times over the past 24 hours, breaking the silence regime agreements. Overall 17 DPR settlements came under fire. This morning Telmanovskiy district came under fire, two houses, gas station and power lines were damaged in Lukovo of Telmanovskiy district.

Earlier the sides agreed to an indefinite ceasefire in effect since midnight June 1. *ot