Donetsk, Apr 18 – DAN. Fourteen DPR civilians have been injured as the result of Kiev's shelling during the Easter ceasefire, said DPR representative at the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) Ruslan Yakubov.

"As the result of Kiev's shelling, 14 civilians have been injured during the Easter ceasefire."

The first civilian casualty after the ceasefire had come into force on March 30 was reported on April 7: a woman was injured at the Elenovka crossing point.

The JCCC said that in the period starting after the Minsk talks on April 4, 70 buildings and five infrastructure facilities have been affected by Kiev's shelling; 7,049 rounds have been fired at the DPR, or 30 tons, or 515 ammunition boxes.

Overall, Kiev forces violated the Easter ceasefire 415 times.

The Easter ceasefire initiated by the DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko was supported by the Contact Group members and came into force at midnight March 30. The Ukrainian side violated it at 9.35 a.m. by targeting Kominternovo with mortar rounds. *ot