Donetsk, Aug 9 - DAN. Ukrainian diplomats’ attempts to interfere with the operation of the Donetsk People’s Republic Office in Turin have failed, head of the Office Mauriccio Marrone said in an interview to the Donetsk News Agency.

“The Ukrainian Embassy called for closing our office, but to no avail. Today, they’re attacking us with unjustified complaints alleging that the existence of the organisation violates Italian laws. However, this is completely incorrect. Also, no official claims against the government have been brought forward as of this moment,” Marrone said.

Italian authorities checked the DPR office operation noting that it fully complied with national laws and norms.

“DPR enemies were unable to dismantle the office. Now they’re trying to attack certain personalities in the media space for participation in Donbass projects and events,” Marrone said.*jk