Donetsk, Jul 27 — DAN. The Khabarovks Krai is to assist Debaltsevo, which it curates, to repair 15 roads and four municipal properties, the Debaltsevo administration Head Igor Zakharevic said.

“Currently, repairs are underway at the kindergarten No.5, the Youth and Children’s Cultural Centre, the Central Library, works are sceduled at the Lokomotiv swimming pool, ” he said.

Roads are being renovated as well, a total of 70,000 sq m are to be fixed, specialized equipment has already arrived from Russia.

Both locals and Russian experts are involved in the projects.

Debaltsevo is located in the northern part of the DPR. It was occupied by Ukrainian forces in 2014 and liberated in 2015 with the LPR assistance.
When Ukrainian forces retreated, they blew up a major rail-road juncture. Nearly 80 pc of the buildings in the city were reduced to rubble. *ot