Donetsk, Mar 29 – DAN. Ukrainian forces launched nearly 30 mortar rounds targeting Shakhta Trudovskaya west of Donetsk this morning, head of the DPR Mission to the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination Ruslan Yakubov said.

"This morning, from 6.20 a.m. to 7.10 a.m. a shelling originating from the positions of Ukrainian armed formations was recorded on the direction of Mariynka – Donetsk (the Shakhta Trudovskaya township); 16 mortar rounds of 120 mm caliber were fired."

The second shelling took place at 7.25 a.m. – 7.55 a.m.; 12 mortar rounds of 120 mm caliber were fired from the Mariynka township controlled by Kiev forces.
Five houses in Shakhta Trudovskaya sustained damage. *ot