Donetsk, Feb 3 – DAN. Ukrainian forces carried out strikes on Motel bus terminal in Donetsk's Kalininskiy district, eastern part of the city that was previously considered safe, where an important transport hub and a car bridge are located.

The sound of the shell explosion was heard almost in all Donetsk and neighboring townships. A shop and a truck were completely destroyed.

Cars parked nearby, a number of other shops, houses, gas station, advertising boards, a bus stop sustained major damage. The shockwave reached Donetsk Botanical Garden north-east of the Motel station.

Two civilians were killed this night in Kalininskiy district, 13 sustained wounds. The destruction caused by Motel station shelling forces local authorities to cancel trolleys No.11 and 12, the restoration is expected to be finished no earlier than February 5.

Friday morning reports said Ukrainian forces fired 1,268 MLRS, artillery, tank gun rounds since the previous evening, targeting Donetsk, Yasnovataya, Dokuchaevsk outskirts, Gorlovka and southern DPR areas. The situation along the contact line remains tense. *ot