Donetsk, Oct 27 – DAN. DPR Ministries and emergency services continue to respond to the aftermath of the explosion, which rocked a residential five-story building in Voroshilovskiy district of Donetsk on October 26.

First responders, utility workers, gas engineers and police, 60 personnel, were still present on the scene on Friday, dealing with the explosion aftermath: clearing debris, restoring central heating systems and water supply, as power lines have already been reconnected.

The 24/7 warming centers have been opened, as well as information center for those who need a temporary housing.

The state investigation team is still to announce the reason of the explosion.

An explosion rocked a house on Krasnoarmeyskaya street 84 in Central Donetsk on October 26, injuring five people, including two small children. Preliminary reports said that a gas leak could have blown up a section of the house. *ot