Donetsk, Jul 26 - DAN. The Ukrainian side in the Contact Group humanitarian subgroup again showed a lack of interest in the negotiations at the meeting in Minsk on July 25 as the parties were unable to discuss the key issues, Donetsk People’s Republic ombudswoman Darya Morozova said on Thursday.

“Ukraine has again demonstrated its unwillingness to fulfil the Minsk Agreements and negotiate,” Morozova said. “The Kiev representative, in violation of the procedure, arrived very late, furthermore she fully disrupted the session by her incorrect, provoking behaviour and unwarranted walk-out halfway through the negotiations.”

Of the agenda items, the negotiators could only discuss the signing of the declaration denouncing all forms of torture, cruel treatment, sexual abuse and threats to use violence on the persons put in custody in connection with the conflict. “The opponents’ position remains unchanged: they flatly refuse to sign the declaration,” she said.

The key issues such as prisoner exchange, the search for the missing persons etc. were left unattended. “As all the meetings involving just one Ukrainian representative are unavailing, we insist on the Ukrainian side’s full presence at the humanitarian subgroup’s sessions,” the ombudswoman said.

The latest round of Donbass peace talks took place in Minsk on July 25. The Contact Group summed up the results of the meetings held by its four working groups.*jk