Donetsk, Apr 19 - DAN. The humanitarian situation in the settlements liberated from the Ukrainian army is visibly improving, Donetsk People’s Republic ombudswoman Darya Morozova told the Donetsk News Agency.

“Every time we visit them we see towns and settlements in liberated areas revive as people come out into the street to get humanitarian aid. Water delivery has been arranged there, and welfare, medical and education centers are operating, etc,” Morozova said. ”So people see that the situation is changing for the better and that work proceeds by leaps and bounds. All ministries and department are operating; they’re doing a tremendous job. Of course, one would like to do it faster, but I believe that they’ve already done an excellent job."

“All the heads of the ministries and departments do their best. I see that all executives including the head of the Republic are completely dedicated to their state and people. If things keep running in this vein, we’ll rebuild all our state in the near future,” she said. *jk