Donetsk, Jul 2 – DAN. Almost half of the houses in Gorlovka damaged by severe weather in early June have been repaired, the Ministry of Emergencies told DAN.

"On June 6 strong winds damaged roofs of 48 state sector houses; twenty one have been repaired."

Over 1,500 sq m of roofs have been covered with tents; 4,000 sq m of crates restored; 360 beams installed; 712 sq m of ruberoid roofing installed; 2,741 sq m of slate roofs replaced; 1,310 linear meters of roof ridges restored. Repairs are still underway.

Weather conditions deteriorated across the DPR on June 6, showers and 23 mps wind gusts cut 63 power substations in Gorlovka off grid, downed 50 trees, left 48 residential houses without power. *ot