Donetsk, Jan 11– DAN. Four households were damage as a result of Kiev's shelling of the township of Zaitsevo in vicinity of Gorlovka, said the local administration head Ivan Prikhodko.

"In the evening of January 10 Ukrainian army shelling damaged a house and a garage on Karbysheva 4 street, and houses on Rybalko 46 and 60 street."
No casualties were reported.

"Civilians take refuge in basements or bomb shelters as soon as shelling starts. People of this town know what to do in such cases better than anyone," Prikhodko said.

Earlier today it was reported that Kiev forces shelled Yasinovataya outskirts, damaging rail road and leaving Krasnyi Partizan neighborhood without power.

Overall, 190 mortar and artillery rounds hit DPR territory since the previous evening. *ot