Donetsk, Jun 5 - DAN. The first ten trams produced in the Donetsk People’s Republic will renew the Donetsk electric public transport, acting DPR Industry and Trade Minister Alexey Granovskiy said on Tuesday.

“We’ve ordered ten such trams for Donetsk; we also sent letters to the Gorlovka and Enakievo heads; I’m sure they’ll be interested,” Granovskiy said adding that the first tram would be tested later this month.

Full-fledged operation of the new equipment is expected to begin by autumn 2018.

The Donetsk Electrical Engineering Plant, the tram manufacturer, is currently working on metal lining of the trams’ bodies before sending them to the auto painting shop.

The DPR Council of Ministers Deputy Chairman, Tax and Revenue Minister Alexander Timofeyev visited the enterprise earlier on Tuesday.

The Donetsk Electrical Engineering Plant launched the tram project in December 2017. It comprises several stages; the new equipment will integrate novel solutions which will cut power consumption by up to 40 percent.*jk