Donetsk, Jun 24 — DAN. The first of the four asphalt mixing plants supplied by Russia has been installed in the DPR, its hourly capacity is 100 tons of asphalt mixture, the head of the Russian “Mostovik” company Maxim Yakushev said.

“We have finalized the installation of the first asphalt mixing plant, RD 105, and are now installing the next one, KA-160 ‘Kolokshanets’,” the Ministry of Transport said quoting Yakushev.

The plants have an hourly capacity of 100-150 tons, currently 25 people are working to install and launch them.

Preparations are ongoing to repair the bridge over the Kalmius river in Staromaryevka and an overpass in Kasyanovka as part of the cooperation agreement between the DPR and The Penza Region.

Penza was one of the first Russian regions to confirm its intention to cooperate with the Republic and to repair roads and bridges destroyed in the military action.

The Penza Region is to provide 240 pieces of equipment and 1,000 people to carry out the repairs. *ot