Donetsk, Aug 2 - DAN. Fair Help international public organisation activists, assisted by Russian Emergency Situations Ministry personnel, delivered some 1.5 tons of medications and consumables and an ultrasound scanner to children’s medical centres in Donetsk and Makeyevka.

“Medical supplies and medications were delivered to Makeyevka Children’s Central Clinical Hospital and Gusak Reconstructive Surgery Institute,” spokeswoman for the organisation’s Donetsk office Tatyana Svetlichnaya told Donetsk News Agency on Wednesday. “Paediatric Oncohematology Department received special mattresses and bedlinen. The cargo masses almost 1.5 tons in total.”

Donetsk Republican Trauma Centre’s children’s department received an expensive portable doppler ultrasound scanner. “The new equipment can detect not only pathology, but also tiniest shrapnel pieces in wounded children who are often admitted here,” she added.

Fair Help was founded by Elizaveta Glinka, a member of the Civil Society and Human Rights Council under the Russian president.

During the Donbass conflict, she made arrangement for treatment in Moscow of almost 500 seriously ill children from DPR and LPR. Glinka was killed in the Tu-154 plane crash in Sochi area on 25 December 2016. Russian journalist, political writer Ksenia Sokolova took on Glinka’s cause.*jk