Donetsk, Dec 25 - DAN. The international public organisation Fair Help founded by Doctor Liza has sent 77 DPR children to Moscow for treatment in 2017, representative of the charity organisation’s Donetsk office Tatyana Svetlichnaya told Donetsk News Agency on Monday.

Today, Fair Help personnel remembers Elizaveta Glinka and her two-year efforts towards saving wounded and seriously ill DPR and LPR children.

“Together with Glinka’s friends in Donetsk, we went to the Republican Children Clinical Hospital today where Doctor Liza took patients to send them to Russia. We left flowers at the memorial plaque,” Svetlichnaya said. “You can see many flowers there today.”


Republican Children’s Clinical Hospital chief doctor Sergey Markov old DAN that flowers had been brought by hospital staff and whose whom Doctor Liza had helped.

It is noteworthy that you could see flowers in memory of Doctor Liza on hospital premises throughout the year, brought by personnel and grateful parents and children. “Her death is an irrecoverable loss for all of us,” Markov added.

The Republican Children's Clinical Hospital continues to closely cooperate with the Fair Help fund.

“Fortunately, Glinka’s cause lives, and its brainchild continues to provide assistance to the needy as before,” the chief doctor said.

During the Donbass conflict, she sent almost 500 seriously ill DPR and LPR children to Russia. Glinka was killed in the Tu-154 plane crash in Sochi area on 25 December 2016.

DPR’s Republican Children’s Clinical Hospital unveiled a Glinka memorial plaque in summer 2017. A similar plaque was installed on the wall of Town Hospital No 2 in frontline Gorlovka on Monday. The Republic also issued a Doctor Liza commemorative postage stamp. *jk

Фото: пресс-служба администрации Горловки