Donetsk, Jun 30 — DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic ombudswoman Darya Morozova has visited the DPR militiamen on Thursday following their release from Ukrainian captivity.

“Today, I spent the whole day talking with the DPR defenders who were released from Ukrainian captivity in a prisoner swap, ” the ombudswoman’s office quoted her as saying. “These are 47 people who were captured by Ukrainian forces after the beginning of the special operation.”

“Unfortunately, most of them had to experience the brutal treatment by Ukrainian gunmen. Ninety-five percent of our fighters were tortured, beaten and subjected to other cruel treatment. Electric shock was the most frequent torture, ” she said.

The documents of two servicemen were destroyed. Ukrainian courts forced the fighters to plead guilty promising to put their names on POW exchange lists. The ombudswoman said that the released fighters differed in the condition of their health and that nearly everybody had health problems. Many will be treated for complications that developed after gunshot wounds or fractures. They will receive full assistance.

“I’m very grateful to everybody who helped set our guys free. I again draw the attention of international human rights organization to the critical situation with the rights of prisoners of war in Ukraine. I believe that numerous testimonies of our servicemen are hard arguments for taking proper response measures, ” Morozova said. “Having ignored again the exposed facts of illegal methods of pressure, the international community will actually abet Kiev’s war crimes.”

On Wednesday, the DPR and Ukraine held the first prisoner exchange after the beginning of the special operation under the 144 for 144 formula.*jk