Donetsk, Mar 3 – DAN. New president of the international charity organization Spravedlivaya Pomosh (Fair Aid) Ksenia Sokolova took 11 seriously ill children from Donetsk to Russia to receive medical treatment. The bus with children followed by police cars and ambulances is moving towards the Russian border.

"We are taking 11 children. Four of them have cardiological issues, the major part need oncological treatment. Four children are under 1 year, the eldest are 15," Sokolova told DAN.

The children will receive treatment in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

"As we did it before, we will be coming here once a month. Dr. Liza (Glinka) was a doctor, I was a war correspondent, we need medics on the road, that's why our team will rearrange the work to achieve the same results."

Elizaveta Glinka, known worldwide as Dr. Lisa, a US citizen, is the founder of the Fair Aid organization and was a member of the Russia’s Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights. She was engaged in providing aid and assistance to children. With the outbreak of the War in Donbass she moved almost 500 seriously ill children to hospitals in Moscow or Saint Petersburg, where they could receive medical attention. Glinka died in the crash of Russian Defense Ministry Tu-154 aircraft en route to Syria. All 92 people on board were killed. *ot