Donetsk, May 25 — DAN. The restoration of roads connecting the DPR to the liberated Svetlodarsk has become a top priority for the authorities, said the Mayor of Debaltsevo Igor Zakharevich.

 «I think that this week we will go to Svetlodarsk. But in order to do this, you need a road, and it has been blown up in some places. This is just what we’re going to do. The process is ongoing, first the sappers will do their job, then (a transport company) Avtodor,» said the mayor.

He added that as soon as the road is open, a team of experts will be sent to the city to provide the necessary assistance to the population. «Now the situation in Svetlodarsk is under control, everything is fine. People are happy, all the administrative buildings have been taken under control, ” Zakharevich said.

The Russia-led coalition took Svetlodarsk under operational control earlier this week. The Russian flag was installed over the city administration building.

Svetlodarsk, founded in 1968, is located 18 km north of Debaltsevo. On April 29, 2014, a resolution was adopted at a city rally to hold a referendum on the independence of the Republic. In the summer of 2014, the city was occupied by Ukrainian troops. One of the largest thermal power plants in Europe, the Uglegorsk plant, is located here.

The military operation to protect the Republics of Donbass began on February 24. In the DPR, allied forces drove out the invaders from 217 settlements, most of them in the southern region. *ot