Donetsk, Sep 6 – DAN. The bridge at the entrance to Debaltsevo, providing a vital link in DPR strategic road network, might be reconstructed in the beginning of 2018, said the Ministry of transport.

"The flyover at the entrance to Debaltsevo is an object of strategic importance as the railroad beneath it connects Debaltsevo and Uglegorsk. The reconstruction of the flyover at 756th km of M-03 highway should be completed in the 1Q 2018."

The repairs began in Q2 this year, as the bridge was damaged during the war. By now, the deconstruction of armored concrete beams has been completed; pillars installed, metal beams of the flyover are being mounted.

The Ministry said the reconstruction is a part of the comprehensive program for repairs of the road infrastructure 2017-2019. 

Deblatsevo is the most affected by the military action town in the DPR. When the war broke out it was under Republican control, though in Jule 2014 Kiev launched a large-scale offensive and seized the town. The operation to recapture the town began in late January 2015, DPR and LPR forces surrounded Deblatsevo and pushed the enemy's forces out of the 'Debaltsevo pocket'. During the Kiev's offensive the town sustained massive damage and the reconstruction of its infrastructure has since been one of the main aims of the Republican authorities.*ot