Donetsk, Jan 29 - DAN. More than 700 war-damaged houses in the Donetsk People’s Republic will be restored within the next two years, DPR Construction and Housing and Utilities Minister Sergey Naumets said at a news conference on Tuesday.

“We planned to rebuild some 1,900 facilities in the 2nd and 3rd restoration phases,” Naumets said. “More than 1,200 have been fully restored, and repairs are running on another 730.”

The works include the restoration of roofs, windows, walls and doors. The repairs will be completed in 2020 after additional cost estimates.

Naumets also said that Donetsk’s well-known school No 116 was renovated in December 2018. Located in the frontline Petrovskiy district, it had been repeatedly shelled by Ukrainian army units. Workers repaired its frontage and roof, finished the interior, replaced the water and power supply systems and installed a gas-fired boiler instead of the coal-fired one.

As of today, DPR builders have completed three-stage restoration projects for some 10,000 houses (1nd - 3rd restoration phases) damaged during the armed conflict.*jk