Donetsk, Oct 18 — DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic plans to launch its public services portal “Gosulugi DPR” next year, to make all Russian digital services available in the Republic, DPR government chairman Vitaly Khotsenko said on Tuesday.

“Several government bodies plan to start a pilot project for electronic document turnover later this year and then scale it up to involve all government agencies, ” Khotsenko wrote on Telegram. “Our next step is to launch the ‘Gosulugi DPR’ public services portal next year.”

To accomplish these tasks, the DPR Communications Ministry has set up the Republican Information Technologies Center which will be responsible for digital development and informatization. “It is important that all DPR residents enjoy all electronic and digital services that are available to other Russian regions, ” the DPR premier said.

The Russian public services portal “Gosuslugi” provides access to a broad range of online state and municipal services, such as marriage or childbirth registration, welfare benefits, applying to a university, payment of fines and payment for services, obtaining copies of documents from archives etc.*jk