Donetsk, Dec 16 – DAN. Donetsk is not going to recognize Ukrainian unilateral amendments to Constitution concerning the Donbass special status, said DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky said earlier that a package of draw laws is being developed to decentralize the country. He said that Ukraine fulfills the Minsk Agreements and the decentralization is in line with the accords despite the fact that the Normandy Four summit confirmed commitment to introduce the Donbass special status permanently.

"Any unilateral uncoordinated amendments to the Constitution can not be recognized as the fulfillment of the Minsk Agreements, but are blatant violations of the agreements. We hope that constructive activity shall begin at the meeting in Minsk on December 18 to coordinate amendments to Ukrainian laws concerning millions of lives in Donbass," Nikonorova said in her comment made available to DAN.

She said that alternative drafty laws on decentralization are also violations of the agreements Zelensky committed to following the Summit in Paris.

"We do not recognize unilateral decentralization Kiev tries to adopt and we highly recommend to stop substituting articles of the Minsk Agreements. Kiev should finally acknowledge that the special status is not a bargaining chip but a principle condition of our further peaceful coexistence."*ot