Donetsk, Oct 11 – DAN. More than one thousand DPR residents took part in a mass exercise to counter an armed international mission if one is deployed to Donbass.

The training organized by volunteers' team aimed at teaching people how to protect civilians and stand armless against foreign armed fighters who might invade Donbass under the guise of a peacekeeping mission.

"Ukraine pursues to seize Donbass with others' hands. The majority of DPR authorities are under criminal investigation in Ukraine, so they probably need a mission to put them behind bars. That's why we have this exercise - volunteers gathered here, those who care about Donbass. We will not allow any armed mission here, we will stop it with bare hands," - the leader of volunteers team, master of sport in boxing Roman Troshin.

The participants drilled retaking administrative premises from foreign fighters, breaking through cordons, blocking vehicles, first aids skills, photo- and video record-keeping of foreign missions actions.

A similar training was carried out in July in Shakhtersk, eastern DPR. Yesterday more than 17 thousand Lugansk residents have taken to the streets as part of a protest against armed international missions deployment to Donbass.

People of DPR and LPR strongly oppose a possible armed mission deployment to Donbass that has been called for by Ukraine. Its president Petr Poroshenko even requested heavy arms for such missions. DPR and LPR emphasize that deployment of armed missions to Donbass is unacceptable and runs counter Minsk Agreements, and could only further escalate the conflict.