Donetsk, May 31 - DAN. DPR residents have adopted 134 orphans since July 2015. Said the director of DPR State Service for Children and Family Affairs Svetlana Maiboroda.

"134 children have been adopted in DPR."

"The Republic residents are becoming more active, as the tendencies change and people start adopting disabled children, or accept several kids in their families, as the law doesn't permit separation in some cases."

Currently, in DPR, there are 3,600 orphan children or whose parents have been deprived of parental rights; 3,002 of them have guardians, 27 are temporarily placed in families, 479 are living in state orphanages and state provides for them.

DPR State Service for Children and Family Affairs was established in accordance with DP Head decision on 9 December, 2014 to protect children's rights, including orphans, to support families, motherhood and childhood. The first adoption was formalized in DPR on July 19, 2015. *ot