Donetsk, Jul 27 - DAN. The reconstruction work on the high voltage line linking DPR and LPR electrical substations has been completed, DPR Coal and Energy Ministry press service reported on Thursday.

“The works to reconstruct the high-voltage line between Yuzhnaya-330 kV (DPR) and Shterovskaya GRES-110 kV have been completed to provide for reliable electricity transit between our Republics,” the press service said. “The overall length of restored transmission lines is about 12 kilometres.”

The reconstruction of the Yuzhnaya substation began back in 2015. One autotransformer was replaced as part of the first phase of the restoration of energy facilities damaged in the fighting. Earlier this year, energy workers restored Yuzhnaya’s 110 kV transmission lines linking it with Shterovskaya GRES.

On Wednesday, Ukrenergo electric utility officials said the Ukrainian authorities stopped cross-border electricity flows to DPR territory at 26 July midnight.

DPR Coal and Energy Ministry told Donetsk News Agency that power cut-off by Kiev would not affect the Republic’s consumers. Ukraine cut off electricity supply to LPR in April 2017. *jk