Donetsk, Oct 24 — DAN. Offices of the Donetsk People’s Republic multi-functional public services center (MFTs) have accepted some 8,000 applications from residents since September 15, the DPR Justice Ministry press service reported on Monday.

“My Documents, ” a multi-functional center for state and municipal services is a Russian organization which provides important state and municipal services to natural persons and legal entities. Earlier these functions were performed in the DPR by the Unified Registration Center which was renamed to MFTs on September 15.

“MFTs offices have accepted 7,929 applications, issued 7,136 documents and provided 6,341 consultations to natural persons and legal entities since September 15, ” the DPR Justice Ministry said.

Offices of the Unified Registration Center offices had accepted 720,182 applications and handed out 362,514 documents since its establishment till September 14, it added.

The Republic has more than 20 such centers in Donetsk, Makeyevka, Gorlovka, Yenakiyevo, Khartsyzsk, Shakhtyorsk, Snezhnoye, Torez, Volnovakha, Mariupol, Starobeshevo, Volodarskoye and Mangush. They help to register property rights, carry out technical inventorying, confirm vital records, obtain permission for division of property, legalize certificates of title, get copies of various documents and certificates from notary’s archive, request obligatory medical insurance certificates etc.*jk