Donetsk, Apr 27 — DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic authorities have prepared a draft resolution on compensations to residents whose single-family homes were damaged during hostilities, DPR Acting Head Denis Pushilin said in the course of a “Direct Line” question and answer session.

“In 2023, it is planned to rebuild more than 1,400 single-family homes. More than 750 houses have been restored since February 2022, and construction materials for repairs have been provided to over 3,100 homeowners, ” Pushilin said as he replied to the question about the rebuilding of single family neighborhoods in Mariupol.

It is not expedient to rebuild single-family homes which took 70-percent damage; the authorities are working on a mechanism of compensation to their owners, he said.

“Residents whose homes sustained less than 50 percent damage have the right to payments in the amount of 7,000 rubles per one square meter of house area, for carrying out repairs. Owners of homes damaged by more than 50 percent are entitled to payments in the amount of 35,000 rubles per square meter of house area. The money can be used for building or buying new housing, Pushilin said.*jk