Donetsk, Aug 8 - DAN. DPR welfare and government service centres paid humanitarian programme lumpsum financial aid to 85 veterans of World War II and the war against Japan, Donbass Post Director General Denis Neudachin said on Tuesday.

As of 7 August, 2017, Donbass Post personnel at the welfare and government services centres have made 85 payments to residents of Kiev-controlled territory of Donetsk Region,” Neudachin said.

The money was paid to 81 World War II veterans and four World War II veterans who participated in the fighting against Imperial Japan.

Payments of 10,000-rouble and 6,000-rouble allowances to Great Patriotic War veterans and World War II veterans who fought against Japan began in DPR on 15 March and 1 July, respectively.

The recipients can request the payment in Ukrainian hryvnas at 2:1 rate. The two kinds of lumpsum payments can be collected until December 20, 2017. *jk