Donetsk, Jan 26 – DAN. The DPR Fund for Occupational Injury and Disease Social Insurance has allocated over three billion rubles of compensations since summer 2015, said its chairman Vladimir Arnov.

"Since we began paying  social insurances, 3.091 bln rubles have been allocated."

In 2017 alone, 1.5 bln rubles were paid; on average 38 thousand people in a month received workers' compensations.

Compensations for the loss of health (regress payments, workers' compensations) are paid under the work injury compensation suits to reimburse a worker for injuries or a loss of health in the course of employment, for example osteochondrosis or HAVS that miners often suffer.

DPR Social Insurance Fund was established in December 2014 and began operating in May 2015 after the unified social contribution payments were introduced in the Republic. *ot