Donetsk, Mar 28 – DAN. DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko has visited today to the Novyi Svet township and met the staff of the Starobeshevo thermal power station, DAN correspondent reports.

He also answered staff's questions concerning the station and life in the township. In particular, may were interested in a bus station construction, opening of a hospital, training the stations personnel and power supplies to Russia.

"I learnt a lot from these questions. We shall tackle the issues. We have an objective and we are working towards it," the DPR leader said.

Deputy chairman of the DPR Council of Ministers Dmitry Trapeznikov, interim head of the Ministry of Coal and Energy Anatoly Nesterenko, acting head of the Starobeshevo district Nikolay Mikhailov took part in the meeting. The director of the thermal power station Mark Myakgov took the guests on a tour around the enterprise.

On March 27, Zakharchenko visited the Komsomolets Donbassa coal mine in Kirovskoye, which is the main supplier of the Starobeshevo thermal power station.

The station located in the Novyi Svet township, south-eastern DPR, is celebrating its 60th anniversary this September. It comprises nine power blocks, five of them are currently in operation. About 2.5 thousand personnel are working at the station. In March 2015, the enterprise was transferred into state property as Donbassenegro was dissolved. *ot