Donetsk, Jun 20 – DAN. DPR Humanitarian Aid Program hotline has received 50-plus thousand calls since the end of April 2017, the DPR Ministry of Communications reported.

“Since April 27 till June 19, 2018 the hotline received 51,765 calls; 45,680 requests were registered by the call-center operators."

People are mostly interested in social benefits – 32,426 calls; medical aid – 7,715 calls, education – 1,847 calls.

Since February 17, 2018 the call center received 16,845 calls registering 15,503 requests.

The majority of calls come from DPR residents (34,519); 9,572 calls came from the Kiev-controlled Donetsk region; 224 came from Ukraine and 449 from other countries.

On February 17 DPR and LPR Heads approved the humanitarian aid program aimed to assist people living in Kiev-controlled territories. The main objective is to provide financial aid and educational assistance to vulnerable social groups. On February 21 the program was officially presented to people, hotlines and websites associated with the program were launched.*ot