Donetsk, Dec 4 – DAN. DPR Ombudswoman Daria Morozova said she hoped Kiev had developed a mechanism for POWs legal clearing, as the sides are to meet in Minsk on December 5.

"The main issue on the humanitarian group's agenda is the prisoners swap as provided for by the Package of Measures. On the eve of the meeting we expect that the Ukrainian side has developed the legal clearing and preparation for the exchange procedures," her statement seen by DAN says.

Morozova emphasized that according to Ukraine's representatives, the timing of the swap depends on them. That is why DPR Ombudswoman urged Kiev to engage in a meaningful dialog and not to protract legal clearing.

"The Republics are ready to exchange detainees," she added.

Another round of Contact Group and its working groups talks is scheduled on December 5 in Minsk. During the previous meeting on November 30 Kiev's representatives asked for additional time to prepare for the exchange.

The last exchange between Donbass and Ukraine took place in the autumn 2016, more than a year ago. Since then, all attempts to coordinate a new swop failed as Kiev protracted talks creating problems and pretexts. The telephone call from Russian president Vladimir Putin to DPR and leaders broke the ice on November 15, as the initiative of Ukrainian special representative for humanitarian issues Viktor Medvedchuk concerning the POWs swop was discussed. Shortly after, the DPR announced it is willing for the exchange, which is to take place before the year ends. *ot