Donetsk, May 16 - DAN. DPR head Alexander Zakharchenko has warned that Ukrainian forces’ actions in Donbass might result in a major environmental crisis.

“Even in peaceful time, Donbass had environmental issues, but the problem has worsened today,” he said in opening remarks at the 2nd international workshop which addressed the ecological situation in the region, in particular security and cultivation problems in war-ravaged arears and their economic revival.

“People who have come to Donbass do not need this land, so the risk of environmental disasters because of their actions is very high,” he said.

He reminded that due to the difficult economic situation in Donbass, he demanded that Ukraine allow DPR experts to inspect the companies in Kiev-held areas to give an independent assessment of the environmental situation.

“We never got the reply,” Zakharchenko said.

Earlier, the DPR and LPR leaders repeatedly urged the international community to pay attention to the Donbass environmental problems caused by Kiev’s actions. Regional environmental problems have been on the Contact Group agenda.*jk