Donetsk, Feb 22 - DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic Head has ordered to call up DPR citizens aged 18 to 27 for military service, in accordance with Decree No 31 published on his official website on Tuesday.

“I hereby order to call up for military service, under mobilization, the citizens born in 1995 through 2004, who are not in the reserve and are liable to conscription in accordance with the DPR law dated February 13, 2015 ”on Conscription and Military Service,” the document said.

The conscripts will be assigned to the DPR People’s Militia reserve for doing military service.

Pushilin’s Decree No 32, also signed and published on Tuesday, orders to recruit for military service volunteers among men over 55 years of age. 

Both decrees came into force on Tuesday.

On February 19, the DPR Head announced full mobilization *jk