Donetsk, Sep 13 — DAN. Surgeons of the Republican Children’s Clinical Hospital have preserved the spleen in a ten-year-old girl thanks to new equipment supplied by Moscow, the Donetsk People’s Republic Healthcare Ministry said on Wednesday.

“Thanks to colleagues from Moscow, the children’s hospital now has a new generation diathermy machine with a complete set of cutting and coagulation modes including the argon-shielded one, ” a Ministry representative said.

A ten-year-old girl presented with a spleen cyst. Pediatric surgeons performed cyst resection preserving the spleen. The girl was discharged from hospital after recovery, the Ministry said.

The new resection method cuts the rehabilitation period and helps avoid postoperative complications. Until recently, splenic cyst treatment required spleen removal which reduced immunity and increased fulminant sepsis risks.

Earlier reports said that the Moscow-based Chazov National Medical Research Center for Cardiology provided consultations and treatment of residents from the new regions.*jk